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When the leaves begin to turn a red and gold and the football games bring a hint of cold, it's time to get away. You're gonna have a good time, yeah you're gonna have a good time with Death By DVD on a FALL BREAK! HOLDIN' HAND IN HANDS IN THE MOOOOONLIGHT!

That's right! On this episode Death By DVD returns from their Summer Break and we roll right into FALL BREAK aka THE MUTILATOR, a 1980s slasher like no other. On this episode we slice and dice, we're chopping and grinding - it's a real bloodbath!
Death By DVD RETURNS with a WHAMMY, one of the best slasher films to ever exist. Buddy Coopers FALL BREAK aka THE MUTILATOR
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Creators and Guests

Harry-Scott Sullivan
Harry-Scott Sullivan
Harry Scott is co-creator & co-founder of Death By DVD, writer, actor, artist, avid horror fan, film critic & occasional film judge
Recorded in front of a dead studio audience. Death By DVD©